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About Us

Our Mission

Men have a uniform style for the office -- it starts with the button-down shirt. It’s the same style they’ve worn for more than a century. Over that same period, women have fought for the right to go to work outside of the home, successfully making our way into the workforce. Although it’s been some decades since then, we’re still figuring out exactly what to wear to work everyday.

Taking a cue from menswear, we’ve set out to design a workplace wardrobe which emulates the uniform styling that makes menswear so easy. Because women should have it easy too.

We make clothing for everyday. And everyday clothing should not be purchased for short-term consumption. A beautiful, well-crafted blouse is something you can own, wear and love for a long time. We are driven by an ethos of timeless design and craftsmanship and the idea that less is more when it’s well-made. Our blouses are made of beautiful shirting fabric sourced from Italy and Japan and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Women have long fought to elevate their place in society; we're making clothes to help sustain it.