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Blouse Design

Defining the Work Blouse

What's the perfect blouse? This is what we asked when designing our signature blouses. If you could only wear one blouse style, what would it be? How would you describe it? What makes it perfect? How do you even figure this out?
There are so many blouses out there. If you go to any major retail website for womenswear and click on Tops or Shirts or Blouses in their menu, you’ll start scrolling through rows and rows of different styles. So many styles can quickly add up.  Especially if new styles are added every few weeks. Lots of styles means lots of choices, but also more to go through to decide what to buy. And even after you decide, it may not fit or be the right length or have the quality you expected.
At Lily Kastur, we've started with a handful of styles and will keep it that way. We have a definitive view about what our blouses should be – simple + tailored + beautiful + functional – and that’s how we designed them. We thought about the things we never liked in our blouses and changed them. We noted the things that were missing and added them. We design blouses we’d like to wear every day. We hope you’ll like to wear them too.

The Lily Blouse

The classic work blouse – a button-down with darts in front and back for a tailored fit. We’ve added a notched collar for a flattering neckline.


The Lily Blouse - Slim Fit

A more fitted version of the classic work blouse – it has a slightly slimmer fit throughout the torso and arm. 

The Dahlia Blouse

A button-down with fluidity and feminine detail. Mandarin collar, smaller cuffs, and gathering at the shoulder and back make for an elegant, flowing fit.


The Peony Blouse

A pullover blouse with pouf and a structured, close-fit waistband, combining relaxed fit with polish.


The Iris Blouse (Available in late 2021)

A mid-sleeve blouse inspired by the Japanese kimono, with a minimal wrap design across the front, two-button closure at the waist and clean tailored fit.